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Brian L. Davis, MS, DVM

Dr. Brian is originally from Goddard, KS and made the declaration to become a veterinarian in the first grade! He has a strong background in beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses and companion animal species and is our primary veterinarian for livestock and equine care. He is also the primary veterinary for our exotic species, as he has experience in zoo animal medicine and surgery as well as with captive wildlife.

His veterinary experience lies in "everything" and he truly enjoys the diversity of his career. Furthermore, he carries a Masters Degree in Animal Science, focusing on Immunology and Physiology obtained from KSU.

A lucky and proud father of he and Dr. Shauna's 5 children, IF there is every any free time, you wil find him (and likely some kiddos) in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and pursuing an obsession with archery.

Dr. Shauna K. Davis

Dr. Shauna is originally from Plymouth, Nebraska where she is the second generation to become a veterinarian in her family following the path of her grandpa, Dr. Louis Cumro, the first veterinarian in her family. Dr. Shauna brings knowledge in both large and small animals, but primarily attends to the medicine and surgery aspects for our companion animal patients.

She also carries the title of a devoted, patient, and caring 'mommy' to her and Dr. Brian's 5 children whom are all under the age of 7.

While not performing veterinary duties or chasing down a child or two, Dr. Shauna is an avid runner and has participated in many running events and has even completed the Wichita Prairie Fire Marathon.


Dr. Brian and Dr. Shauna Davis are proud to offer veterinary services to all species of animals within primarily Riley, Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee Counties. 


At Green Valley Veterinary Service you can expect friendly, compassionate and complete care for your pets or livestock. New clients are always welcome! Contact us at 785-456-7577 or via our Facebook page.


Green Valley Veterinary Service offers emergency and weekend availability to all species if the need arises. Call 785-456-7577 and follow the voice prompts to inquire about emergency or weekend care.

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