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Dr. Lane Forge joins Green Valley Veterinary Service

We would like to announce the addition of Dr. Lane Forge to our practice. Dr. Forge is a kansas native from St. George and is a familiar face for some of you as you have seen him in our clinic as both an employee and as an intern. Both he and his wife Alexis live in Manhattan and we are excited to add them to our practice family. His skill sets in both companion and mixed animal practice are going to be a great benefit to the communities and counties our practice serves!

We appreciate sincerely all of you whom have worked and been flexible with us over the past year as we have had to balance a tremendous caseload and have been working extended hours (and quite honestly are running on fumes) as we searched for an appropriate team member to become a part of our practice. It’s exciting for us to add Dr. Forge and now having 4 veterinarians available is a very much a needed advancement in our commitment to providing veterinary care and services that we hope are unparalleled!

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