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Keep your favorite pup-kin safe on Halloween

Healthy, happy Halloween - Tips to keep your favorite pup-kin safe on fright night.

Be careful with costumes - Choose a costume that's just as comfortable as it is cute and never leave your pet alone when they're dressed up.

Keep your candy out of paws reach - Halloween candy and chocolate can cause severe illness in pets. Store these toxic treats far away from stealthy counter-surfers!

Watch out for Halloween hazards - Spookifying your home with DIY decor and downright creepy props? Amazing! Just make sure your little one steers clear of any safety hazards.

Take the spook out of spooky season - Between all the scary sounds and spooky costumes, Halloween can be especially hair-raising for pets. Help your furry friend relax with calming agents and emotional reassurance.

Call us if you have any question for your vet at 785-456-7577 and have a spook-tacular, fun, and safe Halloween for all members of your family!

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