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Prepare. Protect. Provide. Winter Care Tips for your Dog.

Our online pharmacy does more than just keep track of your pet and livestock medications, refills and make ordering and delivery easy for you - it also provides valuable information for the care of your pets and livestock.

1. Make safety a priority - Use reflective gear while outside, avoid ice and prevent exposure to harmful chemicals such as antifeeze.

2. Limit time outdoors in cold weather, wipe their paws after a walk, and never leave them unattended outside or in a vehicle.

3. Ensure your dog always has access to warm, dry shelter and fresh water. Continue feeding them quality nutrition and don't overdo it with treats!

4. When frigid temps have you shortening walks, make a conscious effort to keep your dog moving indoors.

5. Prepare an emergency kit with your pet in mind. Have extra food, water and medications on hand, including their monthly parasite preventatives.

To learn more about our online pharmacy and how it can help you click on the link below or ask us how you can connect with our online pharmacy!

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