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Enso Discoveries and Dr. Brian Davis - Regenerative Medicine

After 2 years of clinical trials and lots of diligent cooperation between our practice, our clients, and Manhattan, KS based Enso Discoveries, the team here at Green Valley Veterinary Service feels confident to announce that we are exceptionally pleased with the results of a proprietary technique to help alleviate chronic arthritis pain, as well as to help with the healing of severe wounds in multiple species! Traditional therapy for issues such as arthritis, including pain medication or surgery are now NOT THE ONLY way! Contact our office today and ask how regenerative medicine could help your pets overcome chronic pain, severe wounds, or even help to correct conditions that USED to be recommended for surgical repair!

Dr. Brian has spent the last 2 years researching and applying these therapies and you can trust that he, as well as the support from the scientific team at Enso Discoveries are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country regarding this exciting method to treat expensive and sometimes costly conditions in MULTIPLE SPECIES in a low cost, outpatient procedure! Check out Enso Discoveries on the world wide web and see testimonials from not only Dr. Brian, but from others whom have made the choice to look towards using the powers of regenerative medicine to help our furry companions!

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Brian nor Green Valley Veterinary Service HAS NOT AND WILL NOT ever accept any financial compensation for endorsement of this therapy IN ANY WAY. As with all of our services offered, and in alignment with our core beliefs and practice philosophy, the team here at Green Valley Veterinary Service will only endorse or provide therapies we truly believe in, and this is one of them! Contact us today regarding this exciting new therapy!

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